Fables Around the Table
A TTRPG Anthology Actual-play Podcast

Chronicle: Episode 1

Episode Notes

Tom, Nick, Cliff, and Chelsea are playing Microscope by Ben Robbins.

Sound effects are from https://www.zapsplat.com.

Original music by Tom Goldthwait

Fables Around the Table: Chronicle Trailer

Playing Microscope by Ben Robbins.

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Chronicle: Episode 0

Playing Microscope by Ben Robbins.

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Firelight Retrospective with the Firelight Cast

Join Nick Uroseva, Fiona L.F. Kelly, Chelsea Riexinger, and Chuck "Cliff B" Wilfong Jr as they discuss the production of Fables Around the Table: Firelight and answer the burning questions of the listeners who tuned in for this season.

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Firelight: Episode 4: Lucid Nightmares

Three volunteers partake in a study to observe the effects of sleep deprivation, but they soon learn that things are not what they seem...and they are not alone. This episode uses the TTRPG Strain Basic by Atramentis Games.

Firelight: Episode 3: Do you Believe in Meow-gic?

It's Halloween night and all of the children are out trick or treating, but when a trio of sweet, adorable kittens notices the kids have disappeared from the street, they know they are the only ones who can restore the night to its proper, spooky glory! Join the Firelight crew as they play through Kitten Witches, by Steffie de Vaan, available in the anthology 2 Women 12 Games.

Firelight: Episode 2: The Detour on Decay-tion

Three friends run out of gas on their way to their spring break destination. When they look for gas in a strange town, they realize that something strange is happening. This episode uses Lester Smith's D6xD6 tabletop roleplaying game.

Firelight: Episode 1: The Terror of Camp Marigold

Four camp counselors face an unspeakable horror and learn the truth about their pasts. The game played in this episode is Sleepaway by Jay Dragon.

Fables Around the Table: Firelight Trailer

Fables Around the Table: Firelight premieres October 7th.

Tainted Love Retrospective with the Fables Cast

Get your burning questions answered on our cast retrospective episode of Tainted Love and hear a sneak peak of next season's fable: Firelight.
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