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Lost: Episode 5: Arriving At Green Ivy Station

Odell, Posie, and Reggie face off with the Fiend and find shelter at the mysterious Green Ivy Train Station.

Odell, Posie, and Reggie are played by Rodger Page, Kaitlyn Camp, and Nick Uroseva, respectively. Fiona L.F. Kelly is the GM for Lost. You can still pre-order a copy of Babes in the Wood, 2e before May 2021. Copies will be available later on the World Champ Game Co website.

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Lost: Episode 4: Greetings From Sweetsburgh

Odell, Posie, and Reggie explore the woods with their new Scarecrow friend Marlowe. Along the way, they find the hollow Sweetsburgh, home of the Candy Witch. Reggie finds out secrets about his past and the kids must stick together to make their way home.

Our guests this episode are Tom Goldthwait (Marlowe), Saker (Adonis), and Chelsea Riexinger (Candy Witch). Our players are Rodger Page, Kaitlyn Camp, and Nick Uroseva. Our GM is Fiona L.F. Kelly. Fables Around the Table: Lost uses a beta version of Babes in the Wood, 2e by World Champ Game Co.

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Lost: Episode 3: Weaver's Willow, A Tight-knit Community

Odell, Posie, and Reggie find their way to Weaver's Willow, a hollow that seems much more sinister than the places they've visited before. The trio must confront what they're ashamed of while trying to reunite the scarecrow band.

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Lost: Episode 2: Cornucopia, A Good Place To Grow

Odell, Posie, and Reggie come across a town of frightened fruit and vegetable children. They find that the scarecrows they're looking for are not nearly as good of a babysitter as Odell. The group learns about friendship and bravery when facing your fears.

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The music in this episode includes Cloud Kisser by Charles L. Johnson, which is in the Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons and original music by Tom Goldthwait.

Lost: Episode 1: Welcome to Tatterdemalion

When Odell and Posie, two children, get lost on Halloween night, all seems hopeless. Especially when they learn about the terrors of The Fiend. However, after meeting an oppossum named Reggie and some musical scarecrows, they're determined to make their way home.

Fables Around the Table: Lost uses a beta version of Babes in the Wood, 2e. Babes is currently available on Kickstarter at tinyurl.com/babesks

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Lost: Episode 0

In this season of Fables Around the Table, GM Fiona L.F. Kelly and players Nick Uroseva, Rodger Page, and Kaitlyn Camp play a beta version of Babes in the Wood 2e. Babes is currently on Kickstarter. Support the project at tinyurl.com/babesks.

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Fables Around the Table: Lost Trailer

Fables Around the Table: Lost premieres January 27th. The game for this season is a beta version of Babes in the Wood, second edition. Support the game on Kickstarter by going to tinyurl.com/babesks

Chronicle Retrospective with the Chronicle Cast

On this special episode of Fables Around the Table: Chronicle, Tom, Chelsea, Nick, and Cliff discuss the behind-the-scenes process of creating the season and what they liked and learned playing the game.

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Chronicle: Episode 3

Tom, Cliff, Nick, and Chelsea play Microscope, a game by Ben Robbins.

Chronicle: Episode 2

Playing Microscope by Ben Robbins

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